Why You Should Totally Take Nudes

Have you ever taken a photo of yourself in the buff? I think everyone should, and often! Nudes are great!

Nudes have such a bad reputation! But did you know you can take nudes and NOT share them? Or share them, that’s perfectly fine too! (But be clever about it)

I feel that everyone, especially us girls, should takes nudes. And here’s why:

It lets you discover your body. You get to see your body from all sorts of angles, depending on how experimental you are, and it can be fascinating. You might find little marks, scars or moles you’ve never even realised were there before! And these are the things that make you unique so they’re pretty amazing.

You can find out what your best angles are. I think the majority of us are going to get naked with someone we fancy sooner or later. If you already know which angle or positions really show off your body then it’ll give you a hell of a lot of extra confidence.

You can learn to love your body. It can give you a real confidence boost. It can change the way you see yourself. Take a whole bunch of photos you love and feel amazing about it! Make sure you pick out your favourite parts each time. But don’t dwell on any you’re not so keen on, simply delete the photo and take some more.

It gives you a sense of freedom and can feel a little bit exciting. For some people it turns them on and for others it can make them feel empowered. I find it makes me feel confident and sexy.

You just get more comfortable with your body and being naked. I’ve learnt that I love being naked. Not so much around others but on my own or with my partner I absolutely love being able to lounge around naked. And without taking nudes I don’t think I would be able to. When I first started seeing my boyfriend it took me a while to even take my top off and when I did I’d cover my boobs all the time and feel really self conscious.

It can improve your sex life. Being comfortable with being naked makes sex so much better! You feel less self conscious and you can simply lie around and roll around together.


And the best part is, you don’t even need to share them! You can do it all for yourself and even delete them straight after if you’re nervous!


But if you do decide to share them, either with your partner or the world, here’s a few tips for you:

Of course if you’re allowing your partner to receive such spectacularly sexy nudes, always make sure you trust them. Now, I know sometimes people you trust can deceive you or turn out to be  not who you thought they were, so this can’t always be foolproof. But really have a think about how much you can trust them. For example, I’d be a little more nervous of someone I’d only been dating for a short time. I’d also feel wary of someone who specifically asks and pesters for nudes. They should be a treat. A sexy surprise sent on your terms not theirs.

Avoid showing your face. This is more of a back up plan but can also be a real bonus. It’s much easier to fit more in when you don’t have to fit your face in. And you also don’t have to worry about make up or whether to smile. But the main reason for this point is obviously to avoid as much embarrassment if it gets out.

Be creative. The usual nudes are all good and well but I find a well set up and planned shot is much more enjoyable and exciting. Work out all your best angles and lighting and you can really surprise them with how amazing you look. And nudes don’t have to be fully nude, sexy lingerie or props can be super sexy. Hiding half under a cuddly blanket, of wrapped in a scarf but nothing else, or even being clothed but with an unbuttoned shirt! They don’t really just want to see you naked but they want to be teased too.


So go have a play around tonight. Lock yourself in your room, strip off and get your camera/phone out! Have some fun with it.

Rhi x


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