Why Online Shopping is Totally The Way Forward

Online Shopping

Online shopping is the new big thing. Well it has been for a few years now, and it’s only getting bigger and better. It’s just too convenient and easy not to!

There’s a number of reasons I feel make it so much better than shopping in person and I’m about to list them below.


You don’t have to leave your bed. The biggest and most obvious thing it has going for it. Being able to shop without actually getting up and dressed just makes everything 10 times easier. Plus online shops don’t close, so you can shop in the middle of the night if you want to! Although this is not recommended. Extremely spur of the moment purchases happen at these times.

It’s much easier to find what you really want. You can search specific sections and use all sorts of filters. How often do you walk into a shop to find all the t-shirts in one place and all the skirts in another. You usually have to walk the entire shop to find a selection of skirts. Online they’re all under the same tab. And if you want a red skirt, just apply the filters and see all your options straight away!

You can see what’s for cheaps. I’m sure I’m not the only one with a tendency to go straight for the ‘price low to high’ options. I get to see all the most affordable items first which makes choosing so much easier when you’ve got limited funds.

You can find the best pieces for the best prices. The internet has so many online shops selling pretty similar items. Say you’re after some black dungarees (as I was recently) I can search a number of shops for this specific item within minutes. I then have a number of shops and styles to choose from at various prices. All on my screen in less than an hour!

You can get outfit ideas. One of my favourites parts of shopping online is when items are shown on models as part of a whole outfit. It gives me ideas on how to wear certain things and can often inspire me with my outfits.

Free delivery offers. Delivery prices can be a bit of a downside, but if we want the luxury of our items straight to our door we kind of have to pay the poor delivery guy. I’m sure we all see that £4.99 delivery and feel annoyed, but just think of the poor people involved in the process! They deserve to be paid! Free delivery offers through are a godsend and can persuade me to go for an order straight away, despite only saving about a fiver.

Discount vouchers. I can’t be the only one that fills my baskets then proceeds to google ‘*shop name* voucher codes’. There’s loads of offers you can get online which you can’t in store. Plus you can get student discount codes really easily with Unidays.

Free returns. Almost all big brands provide free returns. This means you don’t have to worry about not liking the item or it not fitting. You can send anything back super easily in the same packaging, for free!


So despite maybe missing out on the shopping experience, which is great fun from time to time, online shopping is much more convenient and easy. And for me, a terribly hard temptation to ignore!

Rhi xx


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