Learning to Love Small Boobs

Small Boobs

I have a love hate relationship with my rather small boobs. I think most small breasted girls feel this way. There is no chance my boobs are going to just magically grow. So the only thing left to do is learn to love them.

I think we all know the downsides of small boobs:

  • The completely flat chest if you decide to go braless leading to looking like a boy.
  • When you try to fix the problem by buying push up bras but there isn’t enough boob to push up so it kind of just sits on top of the boob creating two pockets on your chest you could easily fit two smart phones down.
  • When you get jealous of other girls cleavage but the only way you can get any sort of cleavage is by physically pushing them together with your hands. And you can’t exactly walk around like that.
  • Finding pretty strapless dresses and tops but knowing they will just fall down as there is nothing to hold them up.
  • When other girls store their phones or objects in their bras but your phone is twice the size of your cup already. No way anything is fitting down there other than maybe some small change!


A lot of the issues we have with our small boobs do tend to surround not feeling feminine. But even with a flat chest you can still pull off looking like a woman. There are so many other features that you can focus on.

Although I feel like most of us small boobed girls will always envy our larger breasted friends. We also need to remind ourselves of all the good things our little boobies give us.


1: You can get away with not wearing bras. Like, physically, your boobs don’t need as much support. This last summer I finally was persuaded to try going braless. I spent a whole week in Italy without wearing a bra and it felt amazing. I stopped worrying about how flat I looked and instead just enjoyed wearing some new styles. And even with my small boobs I found they looked great in some tops without any extra padding.

2: Button down shirts are fine. You ever see those girls whose boobs just burst out of every shirt they try to wear? Well we don’t have that problem.

3: No back pain. Without that extra weight to carry our backs are generally pain free. This can be a huge problem for larger breasted women and it’s something we often forget about.

4: More pleasure. Apparently smaller boobs are more sensitive so we can get more pleasure out of a little boob play during our sexy times.

5: Working out. Our boobs are most definitely not going to bounce around. I probably don’t even need to wear a sports bra. But they make me feel sporty so I do.

6: No creepy men. We aren’t going to get attention from brainless men who only seem interested in our boobs. A friend of mine is particularly large and it’s crazy just how many men will focus solely on her breasts.  Drunken men are even worse, they won’t even bother trying to be polite and look her in the eye. (And she has the most gorgeous eyes out of anyone I know)

7: Easier to detect breast cancer. A medical bonus here. And a friendly reminder to have a good feel before you go to bed tonight.

8: More clothes fit properly. Honestly, a lot of clothes are made for our body shapes, I mean that’s what the models are generally like right? Having an unusually top heavy body shape must be a nightmare when looking for clothes that fit.

9: Backless dresses. We can wear them without a bra since we don’t need the support. And backless dresses can be incredibly sexy and are definitely in right now.

10: You can sleep on your stomach. I’ve never really realised it but I love lying on my stomach. I remember as a teenager lying on the school sports field with my best friend both boasting about how flat we could lie and how comfy it was as our boobs were so small. (They haven’t grown since then either)


So there’s a whole bunch of things to like about our small boobs. Whenever you’re hating on them just remember these points and how lucky we are to have small boobs. Because let’s be honest, the small boob life is a lot easier, even if we envy how sexy our friends can look with their curves and cleavage.

Rhi x



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  1. Mel March 7, 2016 / 4:57 am

    I have big boobs and let me tell you, I’d trade them for small ones any day of the week.
    I actually have an ongoing joke with friends where I tell them that if they pay half the surgery costs, I’ll give them some of my excess boob, creating smaller ones for me and larger for them.
    As a teenager I wished for big boobs and proved the theory that you need to be careful what you wish for x

    • shylittlemess March 8, 2016 / 11:33 am

      Aha yes I joke about that with my friends too! Such a shame we can’t all just share the boob around. 😛
      Both seem to have their pros and cons. Only the lucky people with perfectly average boobs seem to have it all!

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