Lil’ Bush or All Bare: Choice is Yours


Shaving is part of being a woman. At least that’s what society seems to drill into us from before we even hit puberty. As soon as we start growing hair we are told to shave it all off. I specifically remember being sat on a swing in my child minders back garden chatting to her son who was a few years older than me. I was no more than about 5 at the time but he pointed out that my legs were hairy and started teasing me. It was the first time I realised I wasn’t supposed to have body hair. I was 5!

As soon as you hit puberty and you’re changing for PE lessons amongst all the other girls you start seeing the different stages. You’ll find the confident girls who have started shaving and wearing a bra showing no worries about stripping off in front of everyone. And you’ll get the ones who’ve not yet been told how to shave or have not yet been taken bra shopping, trying desperately to hide themselves away. It’s a rather confusing and scary time for us girls.

I’ll admit I was one of the slow ones. Puberty hit a little later and even then I was too shy to ask my mum. I actually ended up trying to use one of her razors from the bathroom before being taught and completely slicing my thumb open. When my mum finally had the chat with me, she told me how to shave my lower legs and armpits, but said specifically to never ever shave my arms or eyebrows. We never spoke about pubic hair, that was something I just learnt myself along the way.

I’m a fan of pubic hair. I’ve only ever been completely bare about twice in my life, and never for longer than about a week. The stubbly grow back and awkwardness of shaving just isn’t worth it in my eyes. And I’m always much happier and confident with a little hair down there. I find bushes super cute! I’ve gradually over the years developed my own personal style which I’ve now stuck to for the past 2 years. I think all women reach this stage at some point, when they finally figure out what they want and like. But as a teenager there is definitely a pressure for it to be naked, which kind of takes control. The only sort of logical reason for this is porn, and that boys are scared of body hair. Which is crazy! I mean they have it too! But I think this makes it hard for girls. It’s hard to ignore all these pressures and can take us a while to figure out how okay and nice it is to have control and be doing exactly what we want to our own bodies. Most people I know have only just started doing what they want to their pubic hair in their 20s, most have always tried their best to fit in.

To be honest, I hate this pressure. Girls should feel like they have a choice from the start, not feel like they’ll be judged or picked on if they aren’t the same as everyone else. Hair is natural and it’s there for a reason, your body wants it there. Girls should feel like they can get rid of as much or as little as they choose, and that it will have no effect on them finding young love. All the boys I have ever gotten that close to have been accepting and even loving towards the bush. So I have never experienced any hate or pressure. And if I’m being honest, I’d have never let a boy who seemed childish and judging anywhere near my special area! Or told him to get lost!


So, moral of the post, do whatever you want! If you’re a bush fan like myself than you keep that lil bush girl! Or if you prefer it a little more bare down below then just carry on doing what you’re doing! Don’t let anyone pressurise you, nobody really cares. It’s your body not theirs, and if anyone ever tells you what to do with your body then tell them to get lost! There’s no room in your life for people like that. The people that really matter will love your confidence in who you are and love the real you.

I’ve also recently written THIS post on my shaving routine when it comes to those special areas as it can be quite tricky at times!

Rhi x


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