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At the start of January my long time faithful No7 BB Cream ran out. If you’ve read my last skincare post you might also know that my skin flared up and became very dry. So I felt like this was probably the perfect time for me to try something new. Of course, being the over thinker that I am, I had to do a little research. I read plenty of blogs and reviews and came to the conclusion that the foundation raved about the most for dry skin was Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. So I went out to Boots in my lunch break and bought it.

I’ve decided that rather than write this whole post solely about this new foundation I’m going to also bring in the others I have and use. Hopefully this can give a little comparison and saves me writing more posts later about the others.

So first up I will talk about my newest foundation, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

I’ve always been rubbish and tend to get quite nervous when trying to decide which colour is best. I chose 52, vanille, which was the next shade up from their lightest. I found this shade to be perfect for my skin tone. It has warmer tones than my previous no7 foundation, which I really liked as it added a little extra colour to my complexion whilst still matching it perfectly.

I’d read in previous reviews that the foundation gave a thin to medium coverage, since I’m much more used to BB creams I felt straight away that the coverage of this foundation was pretty good. It immediately covered any uneven skin tones and was easily buildable for more coverage on certain areas.

I tend to touch my face a lot, especially at work when I’m always leaning on my hand. The foundation didn’t quite last all day but I usually find that most don’t for me, because of the fact my hands just can’t seem to stay away. I did find that this foundation could be placed over troublesome eczema and dry areas with no problem. Some areas could still be seen as dry close up, but no areas flared up or were irritated any further.

I’ve already switched to wearing this foundation daily as it gives more coverage than my BB creams, covering my troublesome patches a bit better but doesn’t cause any further dryness or irritation. I also just much prefer the colour on me.

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

My thickest foundation I use when I want the most coverage is No7 Stay Perfect. I used the match made service which initially didn’t work! It seemed to have no idea what colour my skin was. But I went back another day and it paired me with Calico. I was surprised as it’s their lightest shade and I wouldn’t ever have thought of myself as overly pale but it seems to work. It has quite a grey tone which I’m not a huge fan of but I usually just add powder and blush etc which fixes this.

As mentioned already this is the thickest foundation I use so it has the best coverage but can get a bit clumpy over dry patches. I usually save this one for nights out or when my face is being less problematic.

No7 BB Cream

Since my BB Cream was always my daily go-to product I bought a new No7 BB Cream, this time in dry/very dry as my skin seems to be much dryer lately. I wear the fair colour and it’s still one of my favourites whenever I just want a quick way to even out my skin but am too lazy for any other make up.

KIKO Dark Circle Tone Eraser

Another recent addition to my make up bag which has become a daily essential is KIKO Dark Circle Tone Eraser. It’s quite bright orange colour cancels out the blueish tones of dark circles, something that I’m always struggling with. I’ve tried many other versions of this product but none have worked as well as this one. I think the product is thicker than others I’ve tried and therefore covers my dark circles much better. I’d definitely suggest this to anyone suffering with dark circles.

Thanks for reading!

Rhi x


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