And welcome to my new blog!

I’m just a 22 year old girl from the UK who has decided to start a blog. I’ve had a fair few blogs covering all sorts of topics in my time as an internet obsessed teenager and I recently felt it was about time I go all out and finally just do it properly. So here it is, my new little baby!

My main aim for this blog is to record and share my thoughts. I’ve always found writing things down to be a great form of therapy of sorts. But I’ve missed it. It’s been years since I wrote in a journal. So following my little quarter life crisis, I think it’s about time I got back into it.

So, a little about me. Well, I’m a recent creative graduate, as of summer 2015. Since then I have been working in Marketing for a pretty small but lovely company near my home town. I’m back living with my parents until I can save up enough money for my own little flat, whether that be alone or with my man. Despite being very close to my family I can’t wait to get my freedom back.

I have always had a great love for photography ever since receiving my first camera phone as a teen. I’ve been through many phases of photographing various subjects from nature to sports to nude. I like to think of myself as being fairly open minded and I am far from afraid of a nude body. I’ve spent a good couple of years exploring photography and myself and have definitely learnt a lot. Although I won’t post any of that on this blog I am open to any contact from anyone who is curious.

Right, the name. My blog name is quite self explanatory I think. I have always suffered with shyness and it is by far my most stand out noticeable trait. Little comes from the fact I am little in every way apart from my height which is pretty much average. And finally, mess comes from the fact I always feel like my life is a bit of a mess. This seems to be a pretty common feeling in your early twenties. That feeling of uncertainty and not having a whole lot of structure in your life yet. I don’t even have any real kind of plan for the future. I’m one of these people who go with the flow and see what happens.

Anyway I’m sure you’ll get to know much more about me through my many future posts to come, so I’ll leave it at that for now. And begin planning my next little post.



  1. Imogen January 27, 2016 / 4:36 pm

    Hello there 🙂
    I have just discovered your blog and I am really loving it so far! I like that its a place to record your thoughts and you are a very good writer.
    Looking forward to reading some more of your posts.
    Imogen x

    • shylittlemess January 27, 2016 / 8:24 pm

      Thanks so much! I’m quite excited to really get started! I just need to organise myself and get going. Planning to really spend some time this weekend so should be more posts soon! And hopefully more often once I get started 🙂

      Rhi x

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