Hello! Welcome to my blog! Time to tell you all a little about myself.

I’m a huge fan of bullet points and lists, so I think that’s how I’ll start this off.

  • 23 year old girl from South Wales, UK
  • Creative graduate as of 2015
  • Currently working full time in Marketing
  • A complete novice at lifestyle blogging
  • But a long time tumblr user
  • Fiercely loyal
  • Part nudist, part extremely self-conscious
  • Extremely shy and terrible at socialising

I’ll add more to this list as things come to mind.

I’ve always loved writing, whether it be in a little written diary or a private online journal. Unfortunately I got a little busy and stopped writing, but I missed it. So I’ve decided to start again. I need a hobby I love in my life (I’m forever getting bored of everything I try) and I think blogging can be just that. I’ve run a tumblr blog for a few years now sharing my photography but I think it’s time to practise my writing again. So here I am.

I like to describe myself as a shy extrovert, or an intro-extrovert. Basically I’m a horrible mix of the two. I very much enjoy company and need to be around people. If I find myself alone for too long I start to crumble. BUT, I’m also incredibly shy and anxious in social situations. I’m trying my hardest to work on this.

I love photography. It’s pretty much the only constant in my life. It’s the only thing I’ve never gotten bored of. The only hobby that’s stuck. I’ve gone through so many phases of photographing all sorts, from nature to sports, although my most recent favourite is self portraits. I’ve been doing these for years sharing my best on tumblr. I’m excited to start having a go at outfits and flat lays and all these blogger styles! (As soon as it gets a bit lighter)

So there you go, that’s a little about me. I have a tendency to ramble so I’ll stop here.

Thanks for visiting!

Rhi x